My dogs love playing find it.

We even play outside in the backyard too. I hide treats under leaves, in trees, on tables and chairs, on/in plant containers, in her toys, it's all fair game. I'm amazed at what she can find, and it's fun watching stop and turn around when she gets a whiff.

Dogs are so much fun.

Here are some of the others we enjoy:

  1. "hand me that" where you put several objects on the ground and then teach him to hand you the one you point at.
  2. big box -- get a big box and get him to interact with it. have him go into it for treats, jump over it ( thats another fun trick to teach), climb on top of it and sit/stay. This works outside with new surfaces too -- benches, rocks, big grates or cement structures in cities.
  3. "where is so and so?" Teach your dog the names of your friends and family, then have one of them hide and ask him to go find them.
  4. "which one?" put a treat in one hand and show him both closed fists. Teach him to pick the correct hand before getting the treat.
  5. sniff. Bring him novel objects to sniff. Its not a trick, but it is fun to do when you have to wait. Waiting for the vet the other day I entertained my dog by letting him sniff each of the objects in my purse.
  6. find by smell. Put spices in socks and get him to find them. Work up to letting him smell a specific spice and asking him to find just that one and ignore the others.