Anything with fluff or some kind of stuffing... doesn't matter if the material is indestructible, she will get it out.

This has led us to the theory that they don't test with dogs like ours.

I've just accepted that any fluffy toy is going to be shredded. Tuffy's toys have been really good though.

Anything else that is supposedly built tough, no chance.

It's almost like she thinks the fluff/stuffing is trapped and she must free it. Take any old jeans you'll never wear again, cut the legs and tie them in knots.

Then wash them in hot water, and shrink in the dryer. The knots are really difficult to untie. You can put a rope in between the knots ahead of time so it becomes more fun to play with too. Or you can take something and stuff it with old cut up denim strips for the dog to pull out.

We tie old socks around it, stuff medium sized bones in it(this is easier after your dog has stretched the plastic out a little). Pretty much just fill it with any toys that will fit inside it, tie socks or fabric onto it and let the dog have it. She loves trying to get everything apart!