My sister-in-law became a professional pet groomer. The pay was better than at the saloon that she was at and she liked the clients better.

I have learned a lot from listing to her talk.

So now I am grooming my own dog.

I use the andis AGC 2, they get the job done but are nothing to write home about, and the first set I had were giving me problems staying in the second speed. I did however get andis to replace them for free because of the warranty. I have had the chance to use a set of the aesculap clippers your friend loves so much but really could not notice much of a difference except they were a little heavier and felt more solid.

I worked with a salon owner who loves her wahl bravura over anything she has ever owned, but I really just think she loves the 5 in 1 blade they use.

Personally I do want to get a cordless, and I use a clipper vac so it would cost me an extra $75 to move to another set of clippers because of the attachment I have to buy from Romani. So im going to stick with the andis untill something really amazing comes out.

She has only been bitten once by the way.