When we got married there was a lot to get taken care of. I wish I would have know that the damn RSVP cards were going to be such a problem.

Why is it that people feel like RSVPing for a wedding is such trouble?! I mean, when you get invited to a frormal celebration like a wedding it can't be that hard to grasp that there might be a reason why.

I am not the only one, other people have noticed that people fail to send the RSVP back to the hosts.

A friend of mine was in the same boat , getting married, stressed, and she did what I didn't. She got clever. This was the first I've heard of this site. She used RSVP services, it cost her $100 but they gave her the service for a year, and they will do the dirty work of calling people for rsvps, if the rsvp'd too many people, etc.

This was a godsend for her since a couple of people actually RSVPd with kids and the invitations clearly stated that children were not allowed at the wedding. Well, in other words. They actually called all of the people on the list that seemed like they were problomatic and they got them straightened out. It was nice. I was wishing I had had the service when we went through the hassle.

What we did was make a website on squarespace and used their form builder for RSVPs to get emailed to us. We also password protected the RSVP page and included the password in the invites, which was a little much for our guests. I guess we should get points for trying.

It was not very successful, unfortunately. We had to call over half of our guests to get their RSVPs.

Initially, we weren't going to do an RSVP card at all, but we decided to do a plated dinner with several meat options, so we will have to include an RSVP. The idea for the website was mine since I wanted to save on postage costs, we didn't want to pre-stamp the return envelopes and thus the option of RSVP-ing online.

It was so much stress. And it wasn't perfect.

The reason I came to the idea because another friend set up a wordpress website for their RSVP. They used a RSVP function through there, and it worked very well. I think that the only one that they did not receive was from their grandmother, so they only had to reach out to them with a phone call. She loved the online RSVP - they saved some paper and some postage, and a lot of people were able to leave them sweet messages on their website.

So I was all like, sign me up.

Live and learn.