My sister-in-law became a professional pet groomer. The pay was better than at the saloon that she was at and she liked the clients better.

I have learned a lot from listing to her talk.

So now I am grooming my own dog.

I use the andis AGC 2, they get the job done but are nothing to write home about, and the first set I had were giving me problems staying in the second speed. I did however get andis to replace them for free because of the warranty. I have had the chance to use a set of the aesculap clippers your friend loves so much but really could not notice much of a difference except they were a little heavier and felt more solid.

I worked with a salon owner who loves her wahl bravura over anything she has ever owned, but I really just think she loves the 5 in 1 blade they use.

Personally I do want to get a cordless, and I use a clipper vac so it would cost me an extra $75 to move to another set of clippers because of the attachment I have to buy from Romani. So im going to stick with the andis untill something really amazing comes out.

She has only been bitten once by the way.


My husband has this issue with his black and grey shirts. Every so often, I take a load of them and let them soak in the tub with Oxiclean, then wash them. Problem solved, no scrubbing required. Also works with sweat stains.

Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remove also works for mudstains, blood, wine, makeup (theater and traditional.

On clothes or cloth or surfaces mind you, not your face ) special effects blood, oil stains and almost any other stain you can think of on grout, tile, carpet, clothes, walls and doors to name a few.

Just make sure to do an extra rinse on clothing or cloth items especially if your skin is sensitive.


A lot of people want their dogs shave down. That is all the way down. And I asked my sister-in-law, why?

She can't say but what I did learn was very enlightening.

When you shave a double coated dog you are doing a lot of damage. Do that would be labs, etc. Most people want them shaved because they stupidly believe that it will stop them from shedding. I will do my best to educate people but if they won't listen then I pitty the pour animal.

It damages the coat in breeds like this. Sometimes it won't grow back right/the same color/at all. However, shaving down any dog's coat is damaging. When she spoke of shaving she meant anything shorter than like a #4.

Shaving down a double-coated dog does not cause pain.

It can cause skin irritation/infected hair follicles, but the act itself isn't harmful. And while every inch of my Groomer's soul aches to do it, if that's what the client wants, I don't have an issue with it.


My sister-in-law has gotten into pet grooming and the only complaint that she has is that the clients don't tip. Of course she doesn't mean the pets.

While I understand that you are never obligated to tip, groomers typically are paid much better than wait staff so it's not the same situation. However, considering what we groomers go through from being bitten to pooped on, it is always greatly appreciated. For us it says you understand grooming is not easy and you appreciate them for being patient with your dog.

Typically anything $5 and up is standard.

Some places pay the groomer 50% of the fee you pay, it's like hairdressers. But not her's. So of course, the groomer would be happy for the extra $.

In the big box shops tipping is not as big of a thing there as it is in smaller shops. You definitely can still tip and they love it but the stores don't tend to encourage it. They stay busy thanks to the store front which helps make up for it. Smaller shops tend to have slow times, and less walk in services to keep them going.


I am the opinion that you should be using full synthetic. I change mine every 9k. Synthetic oil can last greater than 10k, but the filter starts to disintegrate at 10k so I change it earlier to be on the safe side. My dealer does a full synthetic oil change for only $45. Don't waste your time with Valvoline. Shop around at different dealerships and I bet you'll find they are cheaper.

Anyone that would tell me that synthetic needs to be changed every 3k is a straight out lieing.

Even standard oils can easily go for 4-5k.

Your maintenance screen should be coming on at 5k, not 3k. Are you sure about the amount of miles you have driven since you got it changed last?

As long as you are sure you can get the oil changed by a total of 5k I wouldn't sweat it. Just be sure to go to dealership in the next 2k and get the right oil put in.

Prius's use an Atkinsen engine that are very durable. It should be fine.

You just need to look in the manual from the dealer. When I crack my manual open it says to change the oil and oil filter every 10,000 miles unless:

  • Driving on dirt roads or dusty roads
  • Repeated trips of less than five miles in temperatures below 32°F / 0°C
  • Extensive idling and/or low speed driving for a long distance such as police, taxi or door-to-door delivery use

In which case change both the oil and oil filter every 5,000 miles.

The manual calls for 0W-20 oil and states that if 5W-20 is used, it must be replaced within 5,000 miles with 0W-20 oil. 0W-20 oil comes only in fully synthetic so by necessity you have to use synthetic oil.

Don't use a blend because it won't be 0W-20 viscosity.


I also loved the idea of a big rehearsal dinner. Some people find them tacky. I personally don't think this is tacky at all. It's a great way to include everyone you want there.

To me it almost seems like throwing two receptions if you make it really fancy and I just don't see the need for that unless you want it.

The reason I'm a fan of inclusive rehearsal dinners, is because you give your guests a chance for some extra time to visit with people. We did a BBQ party instead of a sit down dinner, and everyone loved it. We got to spend more time with out of town guests, we did all the speeches there, and it was really fun.

If you want to do it, I would fight for it, especially given how much they are looking to spend - ours was under $1k for 80 guests with food, booze, and rentals for a tent, tables, and chairs.

One thing I like about the BBQ party format is that people keep moving around and seeing new people, rather than getting locked into a table of 8 for most of the night.

You should be able to have whatever kind of rehearsal dinner you want, just like you can have whatever kind of wedding you want. Where are all these weird wedding "rules" written down, anyway?

It's not tacky, and I have a bad reaction to that word anyway. Who cares?